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Synteko Floor Finishes

For centuries all manner of materials have been used to seal timber floor surfaces, from shellacs to petroleum based compounds. Today, effective research and development has provided alternative surface finishes for architects/designers, consumers and contractors.

Synteko has been at the cutting edge in developing products that incorporate high performance U.V. curable fillers, sealers and finish coats. Coupled with strategic material suppliers and over a half a century of experience, Synteko has persisted in developing products that often exceed the performance, appearance and workability of many "old school" solvent-based technologies.

Synteko has strived to produce waterbase finishes such as Nova Best, Top and Pro that are safe for the contractor, consumer and environment and exceed VOC air quality standards. For the customer who requires a more traditional product, Synteko produce Classic, the quick drying Swedish finish. In addition, there is Synteko Urethane an oil modified finish providing excellent protection for residential or commercial floors. This economic finish has excellent flow and levelling properties making the most difficult flooring finish project simple.

A major product in the Synteko stable of floor finishes is Natural Oil and its sister product Domo. Both Natural and Domo Oil provide a beautiful natural appearance in conjunction with superior wear resistance and very low maintenance cost over time.

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Floor finishes that work with your grand designs! Recommended products for various applications and more...

Floor finishes for the contractor, with product details, application do's and don'ts, troubleshooting and more...

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Synteko strives to make sure that all possible care is taken to not effect the environment when using our products.
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